WATER-STOP waterproof sheets

Waterproofing sheets for terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.

G-FLEX decoupling blade

Decoupling and decoupling sheet. Optimal foil for underfloor heating installations.


Patented waterproofing band to prevent leaks in shower trays, bathtubs, gutters ...

WS AIR waterproofing sheet

Waterproof but vapor permeable sheet designed for waterproofing roofs.



Our waterproof membranes are designed to cover all the areas that need to be waterproofed in the house: indoors, outdoors and swimming pool. Each of our waterproofing membranes is carefully crafted, and manufactured to achieve characteristics that make them unique: much flexible, durable and much more resistant than the rest of the competence. As well as, ease and time saving when it comes to installation. In this sense, we have achieved differentiation in the market respect to our competitors. It should be note that in ESTIL GURU have been pioneers in the design of waterproof EVAC membranes using the multi-layer extrusion layer.

WATER-STOP waterproof membranes for she terraces, roofs, covers, floors and walls under cladding, screed or tiling, in damp indoor or outdoor areas.  

Geotextile membrane impermeable to water but permeable to water vapour. Resistant and light it is very easy to install. Recommended for use under tiles on sloping roofs and ventilated façades.

SafeBand is our patented band to avoid problems with leaks in shower trays and bathtubs..

-FLEX is a thermoformed high-density polyethylene membrane. It achieves a nodule height of 3 mm with inner relief for mechanical anchoring of the cement-glue on the upper side, and non-woven fleece of polypropylene fibers on the lower side.

– Dissipates vapor pressure due to residual moisture.

– Decoupling and load distribution over multiple substrates.

– Improves heat distribution in underfloor heating systems

– Indoor and outdoor waterproofing.