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The WATER-STOP waterproofing sheet is a waterproof, elastic geotextile sheet, with a very good grip to surfaces and with a very small thickness due to its innovative multilayer extrusion process. 

This sheet responds to an innovative concept in the way of waterproofing, since it can be installed under the floor covering and on walls thanks to its fibrous faces integrated into the waterproof membrane.

We must also emphasize that it is the most advantageous impervious solution when we talk about renovation of the waterproofing, since with the waterproofing sheets WATER-STOP the installation can be carried out on the current pavement and then place the new ceramic without overcoming the height of the entrances to the dwellings.

Uses of waterproofing sheets WATER-STOP

The uses of WATER-STOP waterproofing sheets are very varied thanks to their central composition of a waterproof membrane built with two layers of plastic film (EVAC) and a non-woven veil of polyester fibers together with polypropylene on each side.

This waterproofing sheet can be used for walk-in showers, adapted bathrooms, indoors, outdoors, walkable flat roofs, swimming pools, basements, etc.

We must also emphasize that it is the most advantageous waterproof solution when we talk about waterproofing renovation, since with WATER-STOP waterproofing sheets it is possible to install on the current pavement and then place the new ceramic without overcoming the height of the entrances to the dwellings.

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lamina impermeabilizante dry 40
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Lámina imperemabilizante sobre sobre el actual pavimento
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Our WATER-STOP waterproofing sheet for showers is perfect for waterproofing walk-in showers, bathtubs, bathrooms (walls and floors), etc.

Thanks to its flexibility, lightness and its high mechanical grip to type C2 cementitious adhesive, it is one of the best solutions that we can find on the market to waterproof your bathroom.


WATER-STOP is a waterproofing sheet for passable and non-passable terraces, being 100% effective for use indoors and outdoors. Leaving terraces aside, the WATER-STOP also perfectly fulfills the function of waterproofing roofs, passable and non-passable roofs, balconies …

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Our waterproofing sheet is perfect to apply in swimming pools, since thanks to its co-extrusion manufacture it allows to ensure the integrity of your pools against leaks. We also have to emphasize that with the WATER-STOP sheet, small cracks that have been caused by time, wear or roots can be bridged.

Characteristics of waterproofing sheets WATER-STOP

Flexible, light and very thin waterproofing sheets

– WATER-STOP allows finishes with a minimum thickness and is installed without more layers.

– Weighs up to 10 times less and up to 5 times thinner than other waterproofing membranes.

– Its handling is comfortable and effortless.

Rollo membrana flexible impermeabilizante water-stop

Choose the format that best suits your needs

-Roll 1 x 5 – Weight: 1.6 kg – Surface: 5 m²

-Roll 1 x 30- Weight: 8.7 kg – Surface: 30 m²

-Roll 1.5 x 20- Weight: 8.7 kg – Surface: 30 m²

-Roll 2 x 20- Weight: 11.7 kg – Surface: 40 m²

Medidas lámina water stop

Bridges cracks and allows small movements.

The elasticity of the inner waterproof membrane and its combination with the fibers, allows each element to have small movements separately, such as those of expansion – contraction.


Waterproofing sheet accessories WATER-STOP

With the accessories of WATER-STOP flexible waterproofing sheets  It is easier to solve the complicated points of the entire installation such as corners and corners, floor to wall encounters and deliveries to elements of the work. It is applied by gluing it with type C2 glue cement and a notched trowel. No fire or toxic or dangerous solvents. Waterproof with  WATER-STOP  greatly reduces costs, causing lower consumption of  materials and increased efficiency and labor time.

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accesorio lámina impermeabilizante dry 40
rollo banda impermeabilizante w-s 34
banda impermeabilizante w-s 14
accesorio water-stop w-s din
Accesorio de la lámina water-stop w-s dex


WS Butyl

WS 34 band

WS 14 band



The solution more reliable

The WATER-STOP sheet has been developed seeking optimal performance, taking into account the regulatory requirements, with the corresponding certifications, and is offered certifying the Manufacturer’s Warranty backed by an Insurance Policy.

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