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ESTIL GURÚ SL is a family business born in 2001 and consolidated in the construction sector, with an impeccable track record in the market and great business strength, which has grown with the manufacture and marketing of waterproofing products.

We are the benchmark for others who have been reaching the market later, seeking to exploit this success, thus demonstrating the value of our product concept.

We were pioneers in manufacturing a KIT with a sump incorporated into a waterproof sheet called WATER STOP, facilitating installation and quantitatively improving the waterproof factor.

Now Estil GURU returns to mark the first line with a new image, a new website and with the manufacture of new models, easier and faster to install, which improve some aspects of the previous models and make our products continue to be the first in the market.

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Waterproofing systems

Estil Guru waterproofing systems are designed to cover all possible situations that require waterproofing; Interiors, bathrooms, showers, exteriors, passable flat roofs, swimming pools …

Year after year we have evolved our products, focusing and using our flagship product, “The WATER-STOP sheet” and including it in all our new drainage products (linear and specific), also creating drainage systems that obtain a perfect synergy between design. , quality and functionality.

Although the WATER-STOP is our star product when we talk about waterproofing systems, we have not been alone there, since we have also designed and manufactured the G-FLEX uncoupling sheet, which is incredibly effective for decoupling, to bridge cracks. , for decoupling, control of vapors and humidity, control of load distribution and for installation in underfloor heating.

Keep inquiring on our website and find the perfect waterproofing system for each situation!

Swimming pool waterproofing

Shower waterproofing

Waterproofing of passable / non-passable roofs

Bathroom waterproofing

Indoor and outdoor waterproofing

Roof waterproofing

Singular point waterproofing

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Waterproof solution for indoors, outdoors, walkable flat roofs, showers and swimming pools.


Waterproof solution that stands out for its effectiveness against decoupling and decoupling.


Special waterproof solution for installation in prefabricated showers or bathtubs.

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drainage systems with waterproofing included

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