G-FLEX is a waterproof anti-fracture uncoupling membrane consisting of a polyethylene membrane bonded to geotextile sheet that leaves air nodules with the shape of circumferences between them. This improves the result of the of coating of ceramic tiles and indoors and outdoors natural stones. It is worth highlighting its effectiveness when installed on critical substrates; cracked, with a lot of movement or with possible vapor stresses due to residual humidity.

G-FLEX membrane also waterproofs any surface, whether old or new, damp or dry, cracked or subject to dimensional movement.

One of the main highlights of the G-FLEX membrane is that reduce on-site time, as the waterproofing and the laying of the coating are carried without waiting time, that it is to say, that the installation is immediately ready for use.

Uncoupling Polyethylene Membrane G-FLEX

Lamina de poietileno G-GLEX G-FLEX

GURU G-FLEX Uncoupling Polyethylene Membrane is made up of raised circular patterns. The back of the sheet is covered by a geotextile sheet that acts as a waterproofing sheet. This uncoupling sheet compensates for the vapor pressure in the event that moisture appears on the support and causes the effect of uncoupling on cracked or highly moving substrates.

✔ High decoupling

✔ 100% waterproof

✔ Vapor pressure compensation

✔ Load distribution with increased resistance

✔ Total adhesion of the whole

uncoupling membrane
Peso lámina G-FLEX

625 g / m²

Regla G-FLEX

3 / mm

Properties of the uncoupling sheet G-FLEX

Lamina desolidarizantefisuras G-FLEX

1. Decoupling

The design and distribution of the nodules makes possible to articulate deformation in all directions while keeping the point load distribution and cushioning the stress due to horizontal movements and by deflection.

Lámina politileno para gestionar vapor y humedad

2. Vapour management and moisture

Nodules distributions features a ducting network that allows vapor pressure to circulate and dissipate and enables to dry excess moisture.

Lámina de desacoplamiento G-FLEX

3. Uncoupling

HDPE membrane ensures the physical separation between the substrate and the cladding.

Lámina impermeabilizante para suelo radiante G-FLEX

4. Better heat distribution

About the radiant heated floors, the duct network allows the heat to be distributed more quickly and evenly.

Lámina desolidarizante G-Flex soprte de cargas

5. Load-bearing capacity

When ceramic tile or natural stone flooring is laid on G-Flex membrane the cavities are filled with tile adhesive cement to form small pillars which, when hardened, support the loads and transfer them from the tiling to the firm substrate at multiple points.

lámina de politileno impermeabilizante G-FLEX

6. Waterproofing

Installations with G-Flex can also be used for waterproofing. As the HDPE polyethylene sheet is completely waterproof, as the joints between sheets and the gaps between the floor and the wall must be sealed with WATER-STOP W-S BAND glued with polymeric waterproof cement.

Formats G-FLEX

ROLL 1 x 14 m

ROLL 1 x 30 m

Tamaño 14 G-FLEX
Tamaño 30 G-FLEX