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The waterproofing membrane WATER-STOP is a waterproof elastic geotextile membrane with a very low thickness due to its exclusive multilayer extrusion process and with a very good grip on surfaces by the good combination achieved with the C2 cement glue. 

This is an innovative concept in waterproofing membrane as it can be installed under the floor covering and on walls because of its fibrous faces integrated into the waterproof membrane.

“It is also the most advantageous waterproofing solution when it comes to waterproofing renovation, since with WATER-STOP waterproof membranes it is possible to install them on top of existing floor and then lay the new tiles without exceeding the height of the access to the dwellings”

Uses of waterproofing sheets WATER-STOP

The use of WATER-STOP membrane is very broad because of its composition of a central waterproof membrane made of two layers of plastic film (EVAC) and non-woven fleece of polypropylene fibres on each side.  

This waterproofing membrane can be used indoor and outdoor, for site showers, adapted bathrooms, flat walkable roofs, swimming pools, basement, etc.

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Our waterproofing membrane for showers WATER-STOP is ideal for waterproofing of site-built showers, bathtubs, bathrooms (walls and floors), etc.

It is one of the best solutions that we can find on the market for waterproofing your bathroom because its flexibility, lightness and high mechanical bonding to the adhesive cement glue type C2.


WATER-STOP is one waterproofing membrane for terraces. It is 100% effective for indoor and outdoor use. Apart from terraces, WATER-STOP perfectly fulfills the function of waterproofing roofs, walkable and non-walkable roofs, balconies, pool decks, patios, flower boxes, fountains, above-ground terraces, among others.   

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lámina impermeabilizante piscinas waterstop


Our waterproofing sheet for swimming pools is made up of a multi-layer structure that bridges small cracks, absorbs the stresses of the joint between the coating and the substrate and reduces problems such as peelings and carbonation and in that way contributing to ensure the integrity of the pools.

Properties of waterproofing membranes WATER-STOP

Flexible, light and very thin waterproofing sheets

Flexible, light, and very thin waterproofing membranes.

– WATER-STOP allows finishes with a minimum thickness. It is installed without additional layers.  

– It weighs up to 10 times less and is up to 5 times thinner than other waterproofing membranes.

– It is easy and effortless to handle.

Rollo membrana flexible impermeabilizante water-stop

Available formats of Water-Stop

-Roll 1 x 5 – Weight: 1,6 kg – Surface area: 5 m²

-Roll 1 x 30- Weight: 8,7 kg – Surface area: 30 m²

-Roll 1,5 x 20- Weight: 8,7 kg – Surface area: 30 m²

-Roll 2 x 20- Weight: 11,7 kg – Surface area: 40 m²


Medidas lámina water stop

Bridges cracks and allows small movements.

The elasticity of the inner waterproof membrane and its combination with the fibers, allows each element to have small movements separately, such as those of expansion – contraction.


Waterproofing membrane accessories WATER-STOP

WATER-STOP flexible waterproofing membrane accessories facilitate problem solving of the critical points of the entire installation, like corners and nooks, floor-to-wall junctions and connections to building elements. It is applied by gluing with cement glue type C2 and a notched trowel. Without fire or toxic or dangerous solvents. Waterproofing with WATER-STOP greatly reduces costs, reduces material consumption and increases efficiency and labour time.

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accesorio water-stop w-s din
Accesorio de la lámina water-stop w-s dex


WS Butyl

WS 34 band

WS 14 band



The solution more reliable

The WATER-STOP sheet has been developed seeking optimal performance, taking into account the regulatory requirements, with the corresponding certifications, and is offered certifying the Manufacturer’s Warranty backed by an Insurance Policy.

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