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ESTIL GURU S.L., is a family business and a consolidated Company in the construction sector with an unblemished reputation and business soundness. Estil Guru has grown with the manufacture and marketing of products for waterproofing. 

GURU’s concern is to incorporate innovative products based on exhaustive research into new proposals for construction solutions. Our attitude leads us to develop reliable products aimed at meeting the expectations of our customers by offering all the necessary personal and technical support.

After our beginnings with materials for cladding with natural stone, GURU develops and introduce to the market its own waterproofing membranes systems.

And in this line our product range are the following:

  • WATER-STOP membrane with its complements. A system of waterproofing that due to its characteristics is ideal and offers greater advantage than other methods in construction especially on rehabilitation, in renovation works and in indoor wet areas.
  • Systems for making waterproof shower trays: the new EVO series and the EVOLUX system. Both of them have been developed according the European standard UNE 1253 for floor drains in buildings.

We were pioneers in manufacturing a KIT with a drain incorporated into a waterproof membrane that we called WATER STOP and once again we are at the leading edge with our new models that are even easier and quicker to install and improve some features of the previous models and ensure that our products are still at the forefront of the market. 

laminas evac con certificaciones

ESTIL GURU S.L.U we are working directly with our products, in this way, we provide a In  higher quality owing to our technicians, who day after day, are in charge of the quality control.

Our commitment to quality makes us stand out from our competitors. In the same sense, the waterproofing membranes have CE marking and that it is a guarantee of compliance with the mandatory legislation on essential requirement and, at the same time, providing the customers, companies and public administrations with information on the safety and the performance of the product.

We are constantly looking for with best finishes for all our entire range of products, in that way we ensure to provide our clients elegant, fast and reliable solutions during the creation process.

We created simple and easy to install solutions, in our menu section DOWNLOADS AND VIDEOS, you can find installation guide and suggestions. See our contact page if you don´t find what you are looking for.