Roof waterproof sheet WS AIR

Our waterproof sheet for roofs WS AIR is specially designed for vapor control on sloping roofs and ventilated facades to install under the protection and on the load-bearing structure, supporting the beams on the deck (concrete slab, wood, panels … ) or directly on the thermal insulation.

The breathable waterproof sheet for roofs stands out for being resistant, light and for having a very simple installation. It is recommended for use on roofs with a slope greater than 6% (in accordance with the EN 13859-1 standard) as a breathable waterproofing and barrier to drafts, improving the efficiency of thermal insulation and preventing dust and insects from leaking.

Breathable Waterproof Roof Sheet

WS AIR is a breathable waterproof sheet for roofs as it is impermeable to water but permeable to water vapor. It is an excellent protection against water that can enter due to:

– Inclement weather such as rain with strong winds or penetration of powder snow.

– The accumulation in the tiles, valleys and gutters of mosses, plants, leaves …

– Inadequate execution of the coverage such as high ventilation, excessive use of mortar, insufficient slope or poor installation of critical points or encounters.

– The breakage or displacement of parts of the covering due, for example, the breathable waterproof sheet for roofs WS AIR would be useful against the footfalls of animals or maintenance, wind, snow …


WS AIR polypropylene sheet is a waterproof and vapor diffusing sheet for waterproofing sloping roofs or vertically on ventilated walls and facades. Geocomposite formed by three layers; in the center, a microporous membrane made of polypropylene plastic film (PP) and on each of the two outer faces, a non-woven layer also made of polypropylene.

In combination with the thermal insulation and vapor barriers, the WATER STOP AIR sheet forms a highly efficient system that helps to satisfy the CTE’s requirements in terms of health and energy consumption reduction. Protects the structure and thermal insulation from the effects of humidity. Helps maintain a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. It complements the thermal insulation avoiding heat losses due to convection and interstitial condensation.

WATER STOP AIR allows us to maintain a comfortable environment and reduce energy consumption.

  • WATER STOP AIR 130: It comes in a 1.50×50 m roll format.

  • WATER STOP AIR 130 ADH: This sheet incorporates a double-sided adhesive strip to facilitate the joints between them. It comes in a 1.50×50 m roll format.


At Estil Guru we have been a supplier of breathable waterproof sheets for roofs for more than 10 years, complying with all standards to always ensure the efficiency and functionalities offered by our WS AIR. If you are looking to buy a breathable waterproof sheet for roofs, do not hesitate to contact us.