G-FLEX is an anti-fracture waterproof decoupling sheet that is made up of a polyethylene membrane attached to a geotextile sheet, leaving free air nodules in the shape of circumferences between them. Thanks to this, the result of exterior and interior ceramic tile and natural stone cladding is improved, highlighting the effectiveness when installed on critical supports; cracked, with a lot of movement or with possible vapor tensions due to residual humidity.


G-FLEX is a waterproof, anti-fracture decoupling  membrane that is formed by a polyethylene membrane joined to a geotextile sheet, leaving between them nodules of free air in the shape of circles. Thanks to this, the result of the coating of ceramic tiles and natural stone exterior and interior is improved, highlighting the efficiency when installed on critical substrates; cracked, with a lot of movement or with possible vapor stresses due to residual humidity.

G-FLEX sheet waterproofs any surface, whether old or new, wet or dry and cracked or subject to dimensional movements. This happens thanks to the compensation that this bonding sheet produces by hygrometric shrinkage and thermal expansion. It also does not have problems with the joints, since it is not necessary to respect the joints of the supports in large installations.

One of the highlights of the G-FLEX sheet is that it reduces construction times since the waterproofing and the laying of the coating are without delay, that is, the installation is immediately passable.




1. Uncoupling and Anti-Fracture Protection

2. Steam and humidity management

3. Decoupling

4. Better heat distribution

5. Load sharing capacity

6. Waterproofing



Load sharing capacity

Better heat distribution, ideal for underfloor heating

Vapor and humidity management

Decoupling and decoupling

reduces the environmental footprint

Minimum assured height

10 year warranty

Strong and easy installation