Products for waterproofing

At Estil Guru we have created a wide variety of products to waterproof indoor and outdoor walkable terraces, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and roofs. Our waterproofing products represent a challenge for us, since they were created thanks to the joint work of our R + D + I team and our technical department. Below we show you our entire range of waterproofing products so that you can choose which one is necessary for your specific case.

Roof waterproofing

Our WS AIR sheet is the best waterproofing product for roofs, having as a specialty the excellent vapor management that it provides. Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, it is an excellent choice among products for waterproofing sloping roofs and ventilated facades.

Products for waterproofing flat roofs

The WATER-STOP sheet is one of the best solutions on the market in waterproof products for walkable and non-walkable flat roofs, ensuring total waterproofing of the area.

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