Shower drains

Shower drains

Estil Guru shower drains have an exclusive design and technology to improve drainage in bathrooms. Our philosophy has always been to combine design and efficiency by creating products such as stainless steel grating, glass grating, coloured grating, grating in different shapes, as well as to find the ideal drainage system you are looking for in your shower. In addition, all our shower drainage systems include hair catchers for easy cleaning and our new technology that we apply the Ruber drain, We have the possibility to design in a revolutionary reduced height format.


Shower tray drain

Discover our range of shower tray drains in the product list below. The installation of our drains saves time in the construction of the bathroom and improves the design without losing any suction effectiveness.

Drains for built-in shower trays

We have drains for built-in shower trays and for installed shower trays. You have only to check below and choose the model that you like best and contact us or any of our distributors. Furthermore, we have to insist that our drains for shower trays can achieve the minimum height thanks to its small siphon.

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