Evolux Linear Stainless System

The EVOLUX system is the integrated drainage solution with waterproof protection for construction shower trays. It provides safety, ease of installation and takes care of every last detail.

Manufactured with the best materials and finishes, it contributes to the design and quality of the built-in shower tray.

Linear systems with gutters offer us the possibility of making work showers with different pavement formats from the traditional ones, with hardly any joints and making the most of the space for the best evacuation.

They can be placed wide or full length with a single water drop, in the middle of the shower with two drops and many other positions. They are installed against the wall using the SIDE PROFILE accessory.

  • Shower trays with a minimum height, even at ground level.
  • Multiple configuration options for the shower area.
  • 8 measures of linear gutters and 2 punctual drainage formats.
  • The measurements of the gutters are: 60/70/80/90/100/120/150/180 cm x 65 mm.
  • All of them incorporate a 6 mm perimeter groove on each side.
  • Made with AISI 304 quality stainless steel and with a wide range of grating designs.
  • The separate installation of the siphon body and the WATER-STOP waterproof sheet is more comfortable and simple.
  • The connections are elastic by pressure with decoupling, without gluing.
  • Installation at a minimum height of 90 mm including a 9 mm thick floor with its installation adhesive.
  • Low-profile siphon compliant with EN 1253-1 standard with 50 mm override siphon.
  • Model-based evacuation flow up to 0.65 l / s (39 liters / minute).