We offer a 10-year warranty, but installation in the correct conditions (where the sun does not shine directly and with correct installation) has a lifelong durability, offering a noticeable improvement over other waterproofing materials such as asphalt fabric or paint.

They can be installed in bathrooms, interiors, passable and non-passable terraces, swimming pools, roofs … If it refers to the concrete installation, it can be installed directly on the substrate or on the old flooring itself.

From Estil Guru we recommend that the material used for the installation of the sheets is C2 glue cement, since from our experience we have observed that it is the most compatible material and that it obtains the best synergy with the properties of the sheet itself.

The warranty we offer is 10 years, but the duration of these in good condition is for life.

All our products have quality and efficiency certificates at European level, as you can see in our catalog.

Our films can be found mainly in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France, but we sell throughout Europe, with 2021 being the turning point for total entry. You can also find us in the USA through Estil Guru USA.

Our systems are always designed to be simple and straightforward, and can be installed by any bricklayer or construction worker with experience in setting porcelain glue cements.

At the same time, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary information. necessary information and educate you at our headquarters Ontinyent, Valencia.

Yes, it can be done if time is a handicap. Although it is always advisable to ensure the correct setting of the glue cement, and if possible test the tightness of the installation by means of a flood test.

Thanks to our advanced 4-layer technology, unique in the market, we are able to extrude 2 very thin layers of PET in the same machine step, thus ensuring total tightness anywhere with a single thickness.

Shower systems

Yes, all of our shower systems are installed together with our WATER-STOP waterproof sheet.

Our drainage systems contain: Grid (point or linear), hair catcher, gutter, WATER-STOP sheet, adapter, Ruber crown, Ruber siphon body and reducer. If we talk about the complete kit, it also includes cover and installation template, 2 ws dex to reinforce the joints and 2 ws tub to reinforce the tube. In any case, if you require more information, you can visit the pages of our products in the main menu.

Leaving aside aesthetics, which is fundamental in all our designs, its great virtues are waterproof efficiency and savings in costs and time in installation.

It is the best solution, since our linear drains can be installed against the wall with only one slope.

The EVO drain grates are made of PVC and the EVOLUX system grates are made of stainless steel, thus allowing the design and creation of linear systems.

Our RUBER drain has been developed following the highest European standards, such as EN1253 . Where maximum performance is required.

In most systems it is not possible to install a siphon sump due to the double siphon effect by which the air is trapped between one and the other, blocking the exit of the water. But thanks to the attention that was put into developing RUBER, a breakable plate was prepared to cancel the individual siphon, leaving our drain in only a non-siphon connection piece.

Currently we have two siphon heights available, 50mm siphon and 30mm siphon, obtaining a total installation of only 9cm and 7cm. from the grate to the base of the sump

The entire system has been designed based on our principle of simplicity and safety, so there is no need for any type of pvc glue or special adhesive. All parts work with proven O-rings for total tightness and immediate installation without mess.

All our shower systems contain everything necessary for installation, with the exception of porcelain cement and the ceramic itself. In each box you will find: Grid (punctual or linear depending on your choice), hair catcher, gutter, WATER-STOP sheet, adapter, Ruber crown, Ruber siphon body and 50-40mm reducer. It also includes some accessories to improve the quality of the installation such as a cover to avoid blocking the mortar drain, an installation template for floors smaller than 10mm, 2 ws dex (outside corners) to reinforce the joints and 2 ws tub (reinforcements of pipe) to reinforce the pipes of connection to plumbing. For more information visit our product page