Shower gutters

Estil Guru shower channels allow you to take your bathroom design to another level. The linear gutter design it offers allows you to choose between building two water slopes or a single one if installed next to a wall. We also want to highlight that our shower channel designs will allow you to design and create an open bathroom, without any type of barriers with which you can fully exploit the space.

Channels for built-in shower tray

Discover below all our gutters for built-in shower trays inspired by the latest trends in bathroom design.

All of our gutter models contain different linear grating designs capable of adapting to any style.

Linear shower grate

If you are looking for a linear shower grate, you have to take into account that the design does not impede its effectiveness in draining water. The evolx shower grates together with our Ruber drain are developed following the most demanding European standards (such as EN 1253), ensuring extremely high performance.

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