Ref: IF51000 / IF52000 / IF53000 (1x5m / 1x30m / 2x20m)

It is a plastic membrane (EVA C) non-woven of synthetic fibers on both sides, for waterproofing flat roofs, terraces, outdoor balconies and interior wet areas.

Its installation is by means of fixation with adhesive cement in adherent system and of lamina protected under coating.

It is 100% waterproof, easy to install and offers great advantages, especially in renovation or renovation work. By reducing labor, using less materials and with shorter execution times, we obtain a very important saving, which leads us to offer the most economical and effective solution.


Available in 1x5m, 1x30m and 2x20m formats. This last format allows us to work on medium and large surfaces with maximum use of the material with the least number of joints.

The same sheet for all uses, the most economical waterproofing solution.

Leaders in the market with the format of 2 m.

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