Ref: IH70001 / IH70002

It is a waterproof and vapor diffusing membrane for waterproofing on inclined or vertical roofs in ventilated walls and facades. Geocomposite formed by three layers; in the center, a microporous membrane of polypropylene plastic film (PP) and on each of the two outer faces, a non-woven layer also of polypropylene.

In combination with thermal insulation and vapor barriers the WATER STOP AIR membrane forms a highly efficient system that helps to meet the requirements of the CTE in terms of health and reduction of energy consumption. Protects the structure and thermal insulation from the effects of moisture. It helps maintain a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

It complements the thermal insulation avoiding heat losses due to convection and interstitial condensation.

WATER STOP AIR allows us to maintain a comfortable environment and reduce energy consumption.

  • WATER STOP AIR 130: It is presented in a roll format of 1.50x50 m.

  • WATER STOP AIR 130 ADH: This membrane incorporates a double-sided adhesive strip to facilitate the joints between them. It comes in a roll format of 1.50x50 m.