Aikit Evo Series

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The AIKIT EVO system consists of a siphon sump, a piece of WATER-STOP waterproof sheet sealed at the factory to a special adapter for connection to the sump and an ABS bowl with stainless steel grid for point 4 water drainage.

Now with a new sump and a new waterproofing format.

WATER-STOP membrane 2 x 1.5 m (3 m²) with connection adapter centered at the width and 2/3 in the length (at 66 cm from the nearest edge).


  • The separate installation of the siphon body and the waterproof membrane that is more comfortable and simple.

  • The connections are elastic by pressure with decoupling, without gluing.

  • It is leveled and adjusted in height with the pavement very easily by the movement that allows the elasticity of the connections.

  • Installation in a minimum height of 90 mm including the floor from 3 mm and up to 25 mm in total thickness with its installation adhesive.

  • Secondary drainage with non-return system to eliminate infiltration water.

  • Possibility of cancellation of the siphon.

aikit evo render.png


Plus Evo

Onde Evo